My name is Carlos Davide and this is my website.

I'm a software engineer (by training) with over 8 years of experience in the field, mostly focused on everything pertaining to backend web development.

I'm comfortable everywhere from the bash prompt all the way up to the development of API's for webservices and their respective integrations. It's very common to see me around Debians, CentOSes, Alpines, various different cloud providers, Ansible playbooks, OAuth 2.0 implementations, legacy codebases which are under modernization and in general jumping from chair to chair, discussing programming topics with everyone in wayyyy to much detail.

In my spare time, I dabble around with random programming languages, I attempt to convince Alpine it can be a laptop distro (spoiler: it's not that bad it takes some effort), or I program arduinos to blink a row of red lights back and forth while playing the Knight Rider theme in the background. Fun times.

Some things to know about me:

  • I'm very curious, and I get quite bored when not learning something. In a room full of people, I'm usually the one who has "heard about it".
  • I tend to choose getting things done over working, and when I have to work I choose smart, not hard. Sometimes I'm blessed by a spike of creativity in this process, which is always nice.
  • I don't multitask, and quite frankly, I think anyone who says they do are either BS'ing everyone starting with themselves, or they're just pretending to be busy and hope nobody notices. No amount of pseudo-multitasking can beat a good two hours of John-Wick-like focus.
  • I have other interests outside of CompSci and IT, and these span quite a broad range of subjects. This should eventually become apparent as the branes get populated with more rants.
  • Freedom of speech, privacy and sustainability (in all its forms) are very important to me. These will be defended vigorously across these pages.
  • This is also the space where I vent. If you're offended by what I write, don't ever try to know what I think.